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Date: 11/2/2014
Singapore, Republic Polytechnic

  • Lemonsqueeziy’s participation in the annual RP Blogger’s Challenge may come out as one of the best blogs in the cohort

  • Lemonsqueeziy showing potential to be a formidable opponent in this Challenge

SINGAPORE, 11 February 2014 – LemonSqueeziy has announced its participation in the annual RP Blogger’s Challenge 2014 today. This is the third time this event will be running for Republic Polytechnic’s (RP) module M312, Writing for Digital Media. As part of the module’s efforts to equip its students with the essential skills of a professional Blogger, 19 teams have been formed across the cohort to compete in the competition.

The Bloggers’ Challenge aims to encourage excellence in Digital Writing for the participants. The teams will finally come head to head on 18th of February next week to vie for the position of Champion. Participants stand to win a grand prize of S$300 worth of book vouchers.

The judging panel will feature popular bloggers like motorsports blogger and photojournalist Cheryl Tay, Bryan Choo of Smart Local and Alfred Siew of Tech Goondu.

LemonSqueeziy will be one of the 19 blogs that will be food for critique by the panel of judges. Known for its niche theme of providing tips and tricks to the ever popular youths aged between 13 – 21, Lemonsqueeziy has survived various challenges such as producing original and unique content to make it to where it is today.

Just last week, the LemonSqueeziy team sought the help of a consultant, Vivian Ng Hui San, to critique their blog. “If their ideas are written appropriately, they stand a chance to attract a lot of readers and win this competition,” said the consultant. Ms Ng, an RP student and also Content Provider for blog Hungry Cheapskates, has provided the team with advice ranging from the blog’s layout to the Byline of each article.



“After they heeded my advice and did the necessary steps to improve their blog, the changes have definitely improved the whole look and feel because it’s more suited to their theme,” the consultant added. “It makes the blog more user friendly and looks more pleasant on the eyes.”



During the past 8 weeks alone, the blog has garnered a strong 146 ‘likes’ on Facebook, 50 followers on Twitter and a proud 80 subscribers on WordPress.

Team leader Olivia Marie Cheong Yee Yan commented, “We (LemonSqueeziy) are confident that we will do well for the competition. We look forward to the competition.”

About LemonSqueeziy
Run by 5 Republic Polytechnic students, LemonSqueeziy is a blog that strives by providing tips to make life easy for the youths of today. Said issues include self-motivation, relieving oneself of boredom,  and even the many ways to de-stress.

LemonSqueeziy writers flaunt their writing skills through the frequent posts which are based on their personal experiences, giving the blog a more distinctive and unique touch. For more information, do visit:

Contact information:

Olivia Marie Cheong Yee Yan
Republic Polytechnic
9 Woodlands Avenue 9, Singapore 738984 ‎
+65 6510 3000

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