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Away from home

BY OLIVIA MARIE CHEONG YEE YAN & PRAVEENA RAVIN A rising trend of Singaporeans studying abroad. Tanya Dharmapala shares tips and stories on adapting to life in Australia compared to living in Singapore. Have you ever dreamed of going overseas to study, pursue your dreams and establish a career? Many Singaporean teens feel that an […]

I’m average, I can’t go far: student

BY SYAFIQAH IDAYU BINTI ROSLI “I’m just the average student in the average school. I score average marks, for the average paper. I’m that student, don’t you see? Someone has to be that student.” Are you that student?” All too often do I see students – no, people – who draw back, yanks themselves back […]

Shopping for Christmas late…again

BY PERLE NG CHRISTMAS IS IN A DAY’S TIME! And if you ‘re feeling more worried than excited, then my guess would be that you have not prepared presents for your loved ones. But wait! Before you squeeze into the crowds of last-minute shoppers or jump into the ridiculously long queues for payment, here are […]

My piggy bank never seems to fill..

BY SYAFIQAH IDAYU BINTI ROSLI Hello, my dear readers. Today, I shall touch on an issue that seems to be a prevalent one among…(sadly) most of us: money. It’s not even the issue of pocket money. Sometimes, you just don’t want to spend off your parents all the time. I understand dropping off even a coin […]

Coping with Obesity

BY OLIVIA MARIE CHEONG YEE YAN Have you ever wondered what the main causes of obesity are? How about the effects? Want to lend a helping hand to people who are suffering from obesity? Well, this is the post for you. At LemonSqueeziy, we not only provide you easy ways to live your life. We […]

Help a stressed person, before it’s too late

BY PERLE NG A survey was conducted on world’s happiness, and Singapore, not surprisingly, came in last. Being the most unhappy country in the world! *claps* We gotta have a trophy for that, don’t we? What’s new… when not only the prices in Singapore keep going up, but also the number of suicide rates each […]

Domestic Abuse: A Way to Psychic Ruin

BY SYAFIQAH IDAYU BINTI ROSLI For every time you raise your voice, the hands shake a little. For every time you raise a hand, the eyes tear a little. And for every time you lay that hand on your loved one, the heart dies a little. For all the victims of abuse out there – […]