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Students: our attention not free-of-charge

BY SYAFIQAH IDAYU BINTI ROSLI Yes, exactly what the headline said. Our attention – yes, I am a fellow student a well – is not free-of-charge. But face it. We are youngsters. Youths. Heck, kids (for those who shudder at this word, wait until you reach my age. You’d be longing to be called a […]

Welcome to our BL…Never mind.

BY LEMONSQUEEZIY Do you know how difficult it is to sit down & do NOTHING? Give it a try! Are feeling twitchy? Do you feel the itch on your head, leg, face, nose? Most people consider shortcuts unacceptable, but the truth is, it is an art.We, the LemonSqueeziy, solemnly swear to impart our knowledge of […]