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“Hey, I’ll be late! Sorry”

BY PERLE NG You are rushing out of the house with breakfast in your mouth, hair uncombed and feet uncomfortably squashed in your shoes. Your friend called for the 5th time and you reluctantly answered, “…hello?” “WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU?”           “Alright, alright! I’ll be there soon!” *hangs up* . […]

8 Tips To Re-use Stuff

BY OLIVIA MARIE CHEONG YEE YAN Everything is in a horrid mess. Why don’t you throw all those stuff away? That paper bag in the corner of the room…and those papers you keep buying but never use. Such a sad waste. But it’s okay! The LemonSqueeziys are here to do what we do best: sourcing you shortcuts so YOU […]

Wanna get a girl? Here’s how!

BY: NUR RAFHANAHDEWI RUSLAN Are you still single, maybe a little sad and depressed and have no idea how to get a girl? Well don’t you worry. This post is meant for you. STEP 1: Looking good. Well when trying to get a girl, you first must look good. Looking good doesn’t mean that you […]

Time to pull up your socks!

BY SYAFIQAH IDAYU BINTI ROSLI Uh oh. Running late? If school starts in less than an hour and you have yet to even get out of bed, this is the post for you. The LemonSqueeziy, as is our job, brings to you your light in this dark. We do what we enjoy, and you…get to […]