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Tools to become a good online writer

LemonSqueeziy has developed into a fully-functioning blog over the past 15 weeks, managed by 5 student bloggers who have gained much experience for writing for the web. One of our fans Jane decided to raise a very interesting question… so here’s our response! In the Podcast above, we mentioned the following points: Headline Structuring of […]

Just when we thought things were going well

BY NUR RAFHANAHDEWI  Out of the blue, someone “foreign” to our team came into our lives halting the smooth progress that is our blog. It was sudden but being the easy going people we are, we welcomed her in. Vivian, A consultant and a fellow blogger of (hungrycheapskates), that’s who she was. Like everyone with […]

Help a stressed person, before it’s too late

BY PERLE NG A survey was conducted on world’s happiness, and Singapore, not surprisingly, came in last. Being the most unhappy country in the world! *claps* We gotta have a trophy for that, don’t we? What’s new… when not only the prices in Singapore keep going up, but also the number of suicide rates each […]

Pledge: To support a bully free world

BY: NUR RAFHANAHDEWI RUSLAN  Bullying is an issue commonly faced by many people around the world and those that are often affected are children. Statistics shows that 94.7% out of 4000 students in Singapore aged 7 to 16 years old have experienced bullying at least once in their life. Those that are bullied often have to deal with […]

Come be a LemonSqueeziy!

BY LEMONSQUEEZIY Time. Our greatest enemy. This is especially so to all you Squeeziys who are students out there. You can’t get that shut eye you so desperately want, and you want to avoid doing the work but you have to meet the project deadlines. With this hectic life you lead, how can you get things done?! As […]