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The Beginnings of 2014

BY OLIVIA MARIE CHEONG YEE YAN Hey everyone! How has the new year been? Every year is an opportunity for us to start anew and forget any mistakes or unhappy happenings in the past year. We all know about New Year resolutions. We set them at the start of the New Year and work towards […]

Bored out of your mind?

BY OLIVIA MARIE CHEONG YEE YAN Have you ever felt so, so bored that you finally resort to lying around, moaning, “I’m so bored… I have nothing to do!”? Well, you’re definitely not alone. This happens to everyone. Yes, there is always that time when you just stop, look around and realise that you have nothing […]

Shopping for Christmas late…again

BY PERLE NG CHRISTMAS IS IN A DAY’S TIME! And if you ‘re feeling more worried than excited, then my guess would be that you have not prepared presents for your loved ones. But wait! Before you squeeze into the crowds of last-minute shoppers or jump into the ridiculously long queues for payment, here are […]

My piggy bank never seems to fill..

BY SYAFIQAH IDAYU BINTI ROSLI Hello, my dear readers. Today, I shall touch on an issue that seems to be a prevalent one among…(sadly) most of us: money. It’s not even the issue of pocket money. Sometimes, you just don’t want to spend off your parents all the time. I understand dropping off even a coin […]

Students: our attention not free-of-charge

BY SYAFIQAH IDAYU BINTI ROSLI Yes, exactly what the headline said. Our attention – yes, I am a fellow student a well – is not free-of-charge. But face it. We are youngsters. Youths. Heck, kids (for those who shudder at this word, wait until you reach my age. You’d be longing to be called a […]

Awkward Christmas

BY PERLE NG So we all know that Christmas is just round the corner. I’m sure you’ve packed your schedule with parties and meet-ups this Christmas! And, of course the excitement to meet the people you love. …but what about meeting the ones you don’t really love? I’m not talking about your ex-es! Cos’ last […]

Procrastination: Shape Up or Ship Out

BY NUR RAFHANAHDEWI RUSLAN As human beings, most of us often procrastinate from doing work. Even when we have to hand in an important assignment the next day, we still make time to watch a couple of YouTube videos and maybe tweet a bit before doing so. This means we end up rushing through tasks […]

Is She PMS-ing?

BY PRAVEENA RAVIN Picture this scenario; you finally finish school and you’re going to meet the love of your life. But just as you step up to her, she turns around and says “Why are you late again? Do you even care about me? I’m tired of your s***!” and walks away. You’re left standing […]

Coping with Obesity

BY OLIVIA MARIE CHEONG YEE YAN Have you ever wondered what the main causes of obesity are? How about the effects? Want to lend a helping hand to people who are suffering from obesity? Well, this is the post for you. At LemonSqueeziy, we not only provide you easy ways to live your life. We […]

Help a stressed person, before it’s too late

BY PERLE NG A survey was conducted on world’s happiness, and Singapore, not surprisingly, came in last. Being the most unhappy country in the world! *claps* We gotta have a trophy for that, don’t we? What’s new… when not only the prices in Singapore keep going up, but also the number of suicide rates each […]