Tools to become a good online writer

LemonSqueeziy has developed into a fully-functioning blog over the past 15 weeks, managed by 5 student bloggers who have gained much experience for writing for the web. One of our fans Jane decided to raise a very interesting question… so here’s our response!

In the Podcast above, we mentioned the following points:

  • Headline

  • Structuring of posts

  • Writing style

  • Engagement


Keep headlines as short as possible – Up to 10 words.

Any more than that and readers will not bother to click on the headline. Headlines that are negative will attract more attention, especially controversial ones. Who doesn’t love a good juicy headline? Controversial headlines cause the reader to think and make the post more interesting. A controversial headline is way more fascinating and exciting than a normal, boring headline.


The structure of the posts is inclusive of all the technical aspects in a blog, like the hyperlinks, keywords, images and font, etc. As mentioned in the podcast, Lemonsqueeziy has a uniform structure for most of our posts.The consistency of this structure in all the posts allows our posts to look neater as well.

Keywords and hyperlinks are also part of the format and is necessary. Keywords help the readers who are simply taking a brief glance at the article, to understand what the blog post is about. Hyperlinks are to clarify what certain words or references mean so that the readers will be able to follow us in the blogpost.

Writing Style

Everyone has different personalities. This is an unavoidable fact and is particularly evident in Lemonsqueeziy, where every writer has their own individual writing style that reflects their own personality. It can be shown through the choice of words and manner of writing.

A more practical writer will write in a factual based manner whereby he or she states pure facts.

A sarcastic writer will include his or her personal opinions as he or she wants to express their thoughts, so as to let everyone know what they are thinking.

A humorous writer will add jokes and puns to make the post funny as they like making people laugh.

Engagement and Interest

The best way to engage your readers is to conversational.The use of pronouns such as “You” and “I”  make the readers feel as if you are talking to them. Furthermore, the use of simple English will allow readers to understand your content better.

Lastly, get to the meat of the posts quickly, don’t make your readers wait. Your intro can be a maximum of three paragraphs, nothing longer! And these paragraphs must only have three to four sentences. You will risk losing your readers’ interest if your paragraphs are too long.

So, this is all the points we have. And Jane, we hope you continue following our blog and we hope these points were helpful in answering your question. 🙂

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