Concert Junkies: Must Have Survival Guide


Hey everyone! This post is about 3 great concerts that are coming up!

Now if you are a concert junkie like me, (not really, I’m forever broke so I don’t go to many) you guys should be stoked for Avril Lavigne, Bruno Mars and the Singapore Rock Festival featuring artists like Rob Zombie and Korn, who are all going to be here in the next few months.

Some of you have been to a lot of concerts, but for some, it may be your first time. So here are some tips and tricks (based on my personal experience), which you should follow during concerts.

Concert Survival Guide

1) Don’t eat less than 3 hours before the concert

Source: karena via Photobucket

Image: karena via Photobucket

Do not eat fast food – definitely not fries on an empty stomach. If you have a sensitive stomach and are in the midst of a crowd, you’re going to have a bad time. I went for the One Republic concert last October. It was an awesome concert, but it was ruined by my urge to spray my guts on everyone in front of me, despite only having fries for the entire day.

2) Stop being an ***hole!

Source: img.ultimate-guitar via Google Images

Image: img.ultimate-guitar via Google Images

Seriously? You paid a few hundred dollars just so you could stand here like a pillar and take a video of the entire concert? Okay that’s not too bad because for short people like me, we get to see the concert more clearly through a smaller screen.

Source: isthisfeminist via tumblr via Google Images

Image: isthisfeminist via tumblr via Google Images

But I just hate it when someone up front carries someone on their shoulder. It’s bad enough that I already have to crane my neck to see the artist performing and now I can’t see them at all! (Shorties, can I get an amen) If you want to be an inconsiderate (insert vulgarity here), at least let us go in front of you.

You want to show people you went for a concert? Take a shot for Instagram or Vine it. Some people hate it when you take a video of the whole concert, blocking their view the entire time (Yes I can see your phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note, now put it away!)

3) Keep ‘em covered

Source: drhnautical via Google Images

Image: drhnautical via Google Images

I’m talking about your toes. If you don’t want to get broken, bleeding toes by the end of the night, wear covered shoes.

Yes, I know its common sense, but you’ll be surprised to see how many people don’t know this!

Slippers are a huge no-no (duh!). Wear hard shoes like Converse sneakers or Doctor Martens, and please don’t step on anyone in the process.

4) Don’t be a killjoy

Image: stuffwhitepeoplelike via Google Images

Image: stuffwhitepeoplelike via Google Images

If you are going for a concert, you should be prepared for a certain level of rowdiness. People are going to be loud and raucous and you should expect nothing less.

Don’t go there and tell people who are screaming to keep it down, because you’ll deserve it if you get punched in the face. Just have fun and go with the flow.

I especially hate it when upbeat music is playing and you want to dance, but the people around you are just standing there. Dance! Sing-along! Do anything but stand there.

I hope I was helpful in helping you be more prepared for the upcoming concerts this season!

Please leave a comment if you guys are going for one of the concerts above and do remember to share how great (or not) it was! Goodbye for now! 🙂

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