Just when we thought things were going well


Out of the blue, someone “foreign” to our team came into our lives halting the smooth progress that is our blog. It was sudden but being the easy going people we are, we welcomed her in. Vivian, A consultant and a fellow blogger of (hungrycheapskates), that’s who she was.

reverselogisticstrends via Google Images

reverselogisticstrends via Google Images

Like everyone with opinions, she was no different. When she came over, she went straight to the point, pointing out what was wrong with our blog. The blog that we already thought was near to perfect was suddenly filled with flaws.

We sat down for 45 minutes and slowly sort things out. Opinions went back and forth and at a point of time during the consultation, I felt that we could have been a little less stubborn about trying to keep our blog the way it is. However in the end, we did take up some of her advice and put it into place as you can see from the changes. Overall I think we are pretty happy with the changes that we have made.

So I guess change wasn’t a bad thing and sometimes opinions and views from an outsider could be an eye opening experience for us all. Like they say, change is the only thing that is constant and for us Lemonsqueeziy’s , it has change for the better.

smallbiztrends via Google Images

smallbiztrends via Google Images

We hope you guys would come to like the changes too! 

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