De-stress, or distress?


For those of us in Poly or JC, we have a whole load of tasks to finish even after our stressful examinations. Projects just pile up and the deadlines approach rapidly, causing us to have a teenage midlife crisis (yes, kinda dramatic but I’m sure you feel that way too).

So what can we do? Some suggestions would be meditating (AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT).Watching a few episodes of a show (only to end up watching the whole season). Most would prefer binge eating (yup and spend the rest of our time trying to lose the fat).

Here at LemonSqueeziy, I have some of the quickest solutions on how to de-stress so that when you get back to work, you won’t feel like your head is a time bomb.

1. Drink Green Tea

Image: teabeans via Google Images

Image: teabeans via Google Images

Don’t you just love the smell of piping hot green tea? It’s so soothing and refreshing! When you are doing work and don’t wish your brain to be like a battlefield, I advise drinking a nice hot cup of green tea.

It will not only clear your mind, but also make you more alert. I like to drink my green tea hot and plain, no sweetness at all.

Caffeine doesn’t seem to have much of an effect on me, but the extreme bitterness sure does keep me awake. So for all my caffeine-immune friends out there, try drinking it without any sugar.

Become a Pescatarian! Or at least eat more fish…

Image: forney via Google Images

Image: forney via Google Images

Research has shown that oily fishes such as Mackerels have been proven to release a certain hormone that combats the stress hormones in our body.

This is great news for me because I’m a Pescatarian. Hence, I have a great yummy solution to my stress – Salmon (my favourite fish!) Now my mom HAS to get salmon for me. Of course, if you don’t like fish, there are other alternatives such as walnuts, flackseeds and tofu.

Sensual sleepy time

Bring out the scented candles and calming music! I recommend nature sounds like birds in a rainforest to calm your mind down.

The scented candles will also help you with that process. My favourite pastime is to listen to rain with occasional thunder.

I actually prefer to rub essential oils because I’m afraid one of the candles might fall and start a fire. (silly of me, I know, but better safe than sorry).

This will also help you sleep faster and you’ll feel really contented and clear-minded when you wake up.

Image: captivatingcandles via Google Images

Image: captivatingcandles via Google Images

Massage Yourself

Hey! Get your mind out of the gutter! Ya nasties! When you get stressed, your shoulder and neck muscles often tense up.

So when you are taking a break, sit back, close your eyes and rub your neck and shoulders. I suggest pressing in small round circles with your fingers, squeezing your shoulders helps too.

You could also try massaging your scalp. It helps with the blood circulation to your head, keeps you alert and stimulate hair growth.

Image: via Google Images

Image: via Google Images

I hope these methods will be useful in making your lives easier. Stressful phases can cause people to do things that they would regret later so please think twice before doing anything drastic!

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  1. I agree to all the points here because it really works for me as well! YAY!! 😀

  2. Wow I didn’t know that salmon can help de-stress. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Thanks for the tips guys! I’ll try them out soon…if I get stressed that is :p haha

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