Away from home


A rising trend of Singaporeans studying abroad. Tanya Dharmapala shares tips and stories on adapting to life in Australia compared to living in Singapore.


Have you ever dreamed of going overseas to study, pursue your dreams and establish a career?

Many Singaporean teens feel that an overseas studying experience is more desirable than  staying in Singapore. They feel that other countries have better opportunities to encourage them to make the decision to go overseas.

One such person is Tanya Dharmapala, a 19 year old Singaporean girl who moved to Western Australia two years ago. Here’s a short podcast of Tanya telling us of her experiences in Australia and providing a few tips to adapt to a foreign country.

So as you can see, staying in another country is not all fun and games. Adjusting  to the lifestyle and culture of another country depends on the people there and your own initiative to blend in. Unlike Tanya, some people might find it difficult to adapt to the cultures due to vastly varying backgrounds, thus experiencing culture shock.   

Tanya’s Tips:

 –  Research as much as possible  about  the  place you are going to , so as to  know  the cultural  faux pas, norms, values and languages etc.

– Never lose track of your purpose of going there

– Be nice to people because it will determine people’s first impression of you and how they treat you

LemonSqueeziy’s Tips:

1. Ensure that the course taken overseas is recognized in Singapore

Image: via Google Images

Image: via Google Images

It would be terrible if you studied so hard overseas only to realise that your degree is not recognized in Singapore. Hence, do sufficient research so that you are certain that your overseas degree is accepted in SIngapore.

2. Save enough money or bring enough money as  going overseas will burn a hole in your pocket

Image: wpengine.netdna-cdn via Google Images

Image: wpengine.netdna-cdn via Google Images

It can be extremely expensive for students to study abroad. Imagine if you run out of money to pay for your school fees in the middle of the semester! You might get kicked out and have no choice but to return home empty handed.

3. Be open-minded

Image: bp.blogspot via Google Images

Image: bp.blogspot via Google Images

Some cultures can be contradicting to your own beliefs, but it is advisable to be respectful of other cultures and accept people for who they are. If you are staying in the country for a long time, you need to practice tolerance in order to survive.

4. Make as many friends as possible

Networking is extremely important as it helps you to integrate into the culture. Thus, you will feel less frightened and lonely. You will also feel  more confident as you feel that you belong in the country.

Photo Credits: Tanya Dharmapala

Photo Credits: Tanya Dharmapala

 So there you go! We hope that these tips will help you know what to expect if you want to go to another country to pursue your education and help you understand what its like adapting to their culture.

If you liked our post, please like,share and comment down below on other tips you may have to help other Squeeziys make their decision to go overseas!


  1. Hi.
    Nice info about studying abroad.
    I love all the tips you stated here. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you for the comment! We’re glad the article has been helpful. Going abroad to any length of time could be a daunting prospect, especially for first-time goers.

  2. Hi guys! This wonderful information for me since I am planning to study abroad in future! Keep up the good work ^^

    1. Thanks! All the best for your future endeavours. Do keep track of our next upcoming post. Coming real soon! 🙂

  3. Hearing this first hand is great! I might consider getting my degree in Australia, since it’s close to home too.

    1. Many are considering furthering their studies in Australia. It’s a very popular choice. If you ever choose to go, all the best! Ample preparation is the first step to enjoying yourself while studying. 🙂

  4. Great read Makes me want to further my studies overseas. It would be interesting to go to a new place and make new friends and to learn about the culture of the country.

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