Forgetfulness, A Bane No More


Do you find yourself saying this too often? You probably say it in school, at work, to friends and at home. Don’t worry about it! Everyone forgets to bring or do something at any point of their lives.

It is perfectly alright to forget occasionally, once or twice. However, if you do it virtually every day or multiple times during a day, it could result in serious problems to yourself and others. People may start thinking: “Gosh he/she is too absent-minded or careless!” They may even think that you are doing it on purpose.

Without further ado, here’s 4 tips to remember stuff better.

Image: admissions.vanderbilt via Google Images

Image: admissions.vanderbilt via Google Images

1. Make a record

Image: onthejob.45things via Google Images

Image: onthejob.45things via Google Images

Whenever you receive a piece of work or certain instructions, you are strongly encouraged to make notes of it somewhere (or you’ll surely forget). You can either do it electronically or non-electronically.

Electronically will be on handphones, tablets or computers. You can record it as audio or text too! This is usually the preferred method as electronic means are convenient, fast and effective (all hail the digital era!).

Non-electronically will be for those who are not as tech-savvy or who prefer non-electronical methods.  Notebooks, planners, calendars, scraps of paper (or post-it notes) and whiteboards are way to go.

Additionally, you can simply glue those notes to the board, if you have one.

2. Categorizing that information

Image: huifen88 via Google Images

Image: huifen88 via Google Images

If you have too much information to remember, you can categorize and organize the info chronologically, alphabetically or according to hierarchy and subject etc. This will summarize a large amount of info.

3. Put your things in the same location!

Image: Google Images

Image: Google Images

Don’t keep changing the location where you record information. Example: if you want to record info in your phone or notebook, use the same phone and notebook.

4.  Conspicuous locations are best

Image: dreamstime via Google Images

Image: dreamstime via Google Images

Beware of placing things at dark corners, rarely used places or under a stack of items. These spots are hidden from view and you may not notice them. Not noticing them means that you may forget about them.

Thus, always place things at highly visible and eye-catching places so you will always be able to see them and remember that they are there.

Well, that’s all folks! I hope these 4 tips are useful in helping you remember better!

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One comment

  1. Hey! Thanks for the tips, I’ll be sure to try them out !:) Hopefully I’ll not be forgetful and misplace my things as often XD

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