Focus Early Or Regret Later


“I am a student who has somewhat decently passed my O-Level Examination with an L1R4 of 16, 14 with CCA points.

I am a student who could have a much higher score in GPA if only I had bothered to pull my head out of the clouds and focus.

I am the student who is desperately trying to pull my GPA higher before it is too late.

I am the student who regrets my past flippancy (it still visits me once in the while, the old fiend), and wishes to have done myself justice and delivered what I should have scored.”

–          Anonymous

I have a BIG problem.

It’s something I am sure all of you will completely understand and sympathise with – Focusing on work.

But, however much I loathe admitting it, focusing is crucial to doing well.

Here are my tips – only for you LemonSqueeziy readers – to help you focus on your work.

Just Stop Thinking

Image: 3.bp via Google Images

Image: 3.bp via Google Images

Yes, a little contradictory, isn’t it?

The irony is that when you’re trying so desperately hard to do your work, your mind tends to stray to other irrelevant topics.

Here’s an example:

When will this be over?

I can’t wait for dinner tonight. I wonder if….

So many more questions..?

Sounds familiar?

Train yourself to not think about anything other than your work. The moment you find yourself staring at some inanimate, completely boring or random item (but somehow find it more fascinating than your work), force yourself to stop.

Grit your teeth. Focus.

Reward System

Image: SweetDisplay via Google Images

Image: SweetDisplay via Google Images

Admit it. No matter our age, we still have that inane love for rewards.

If you’re going to subject yourself to some companion time with your dreaded best friend (textbooks), you might as well do it with some indulgence.

Set up a reward system where you earn a sweet or two – whatever rocks your boat – for every page read, or every paragraph engraved.

Trust me. It works.

In all seriousness, be serious

Image: cindykane via Google Images

Image: cindykane via Google Images

Face it. Work is work.

If you really can’t bring yourself to focus, please be aware of the gravity of not focusing.

It is extremely easy to delay what you can do today, to tomorrow. After, it’s only a day’s difference.

But having this mind-set every day could be your undoing.

Remember, assuring yourself that you would do the work next time too often may condition you into believing it. If you don’t follow through with that reassurance, you’d be making a habit of lying to yourself.

Don’t be so hard on yourself

It may not seem like it, but it really is much simpler than you think it is.

Physics a hateful creature living of your life’s energy? Or maybe that Mathematics question is just too frustrating for words?

Sometimes, you just have to step back and see the big picture. Encourage yourself by telling yourself how much work you have accomplished so far.

Or, go for a short break to refresh yourself. Eat some chocolate.

Image: wikipedia via Google Images

Image: wikipedia via Google Images

Or just give yourself a pat on the back or a soft tap on your cheek (only yours, mind you).

It goes a long way to help you focus.

Image: via Google Images

Image: via Google Images

Well, that’s all for today.

Just remember that, if all else fails, a good night’s sleep might help.

With love,
Syafiqah Idayu Binti Rosli

P.S. Happy Belated New Year! ❤

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