My Family Doesn’t Understand Me


Do you feel that your parents just don’t care about you and that you can’t communicate with them due to differences in opinions? Do you often quarrel with your siblings? Feel that there is a lack of bond between family members?  Fret not. I offer you solutions to these problems with the suggestions stated below.

1. Heart-Heart Talk

Image: society6 via Google Images

Image: society6 via Google Images

One of the reasons we can’t communicate with our parents is because we don’t make the effort to have a good talk with each other. One way to ensure that we do communicate with each other is to find time to sit and talk.  We will then be able to know what is happening in each other’s’ lives and clear any misunderstandings or negative feelings towards each other. Thus, we would not butt heads as often with our parents (peace will reign in the house again!) and they will be able to understand us better. 

2. Share A Meal Occasionally

Image: nutritionbymi via Google Images

Image: nutritionbymi via Google Images

Despite all our busy schedules, we should have a family meal at least twice a month. It could be takeaway, delivery, home cooked or the whole family going out to eat. Dinner is the best time to hold a conversation and as everyone has to eat, even if we end school late and our parents come home late from work.

When everyone gathers round the table together, conversations will flow naturally. Through these conversations, you might even find out something that you never knew about your family member. Thus, you will bond with one another and feel closer to each other.

3. Give And Take

Image: recreateyourlifetoday via Google Images

Image: recreateyourlifetoday via Google Images

We often play with our siblings growing up. However, when we grow up, we gradually have less and less interaction with them because we are surrounded by our friends. We often forget about our siblings as we spend more time with our friends.

As we start to grow apart, we start to fight with them, lash out at them and refuse to hear their side of the story, especially if they did something unforgivable (in your opinion), like breaking your most prized possession. We also quarrel over the most trivial issues even if they are actually not worth wasting the time and energy quarreling about. Example: taking away each other’s’ toys or calling each other “stupid”.

Instead of losing your temper at your siblings, let us try to be more understanding and forgiving. Listen to their story or reason first before scolding them or worse, hurling vulgarities when we get really angry. When they do something wrong, tell them off nicely and don’t sound like you are the are a tyrant. No one likes being told off. With this, I think the relationship between us siblings could be better.

So as a family, these are the 3 things we can do to not only get along with each other, but to strengthen our bonds. This also ensures that we can rely on each other in the future. So for those that want to regain or strengthen your bond with your family, I hope this post will help. 


  1. Hi Dewi.
    Very informative post and I really like how you write about this issue.
    Keep up the good work, and keep reaching for your dream.
    Take care and god bless.

  2. My family always makes it a point for us to sit down together for dinner almost everyday!
    I feel that it helps to build the family bond and it just nice to be with our family at the end of the day!

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