Bored out of your mind?



Have you ever felt so, so bored that you finally resort to lying around, moaning, “I’m so bored… I have nothing to do!”?

Well, you’re definitely not alone. This happens to everyone. Yes, there is always that time when you just stop, look around and realise that you have nothing to do. No assignments to complete, no chores to do, no phones to pick up…Nope, nothing at all. Or simply feel jaded, uninterested in life and this overwhelming sense of emptiness.

In this post, I will tell you 4 tips on then things you could do when you are feeling bored, all your friends are busy and you have no idea how to entertain or occupy yourself.

1. Do something you like

Image: theguardian via Google Images

Image: theguardian via Google Images

This is actually the most effective way to cure boredom. Engaging in your favourite activity distracts you, occupies time and prevents you from thinking about being bored.

Common activities range from shopping, doing sports or exercising, listening to music, playing an instrument or singing, reading a book, going to the library, using the computer, watching TV or a movie, and eating (hehe, this is for those not watching their weight).

Oh, the easiest and most inexpensive method is to just stare into space until you naturally fall asleep (haha this is what I usually do).

2. Join a group or club

Image: valueofadegree via Google Images

Image: valueofadegree via Google Images

Find out what you are passionate about. They could be the same as what you like in the tip above or it could be different (your likes may not necessarily be your passion). After you find your passion, you can turn it into a regular activity. Example, if you like reading books, you could join a book club.

What you are passionate about may vastly differ from others, so do not worry about spending more time to identify it.

Becoming a volunteer for a charitable club is recommended as it will help you pass time in a meaningful manner and also stimulate your mind.

3. Do something you have never done before

Image: via Google Images

Image: via Google Images

You could go explore your own town, neighbourhood or travel to a new place you haven’t been to.

You will find that the places you thought you knew so well are actually full of surprises and interesting or exciting things to discover. Just open your eyes and see.

You could also do something nice for someone (e.g. your parents) like cleaning the house or buying them a gift.

4. Plan your schedule

Image: thehouseholdplanner via Google Images

Image: thehouseholdplanner via Google Images

Organize your activities and assignments in a diary, planner or calendar. You can do it in a timetable or list format monthly, weekly or even daily. This will help you to always have something to do. Set goals, keep track of the deadlines of your tasks, and complete them.

Well, that’s all I have for you today. We hope these 3 tips will be useful in helping you kill that boredom of yours and instil excitement in your life!

If you want more ideas on curbing boredom, look here and here!

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