My piggy bank never seems to fill..


Image: artemissg via Google Images

Hello, my dear readers.

Today, I shall touch on an issue that seems to be a prevalent one among…(sadly) most of us: money.

It’s not even the issue of pocket money. Sometimes, you just don’t want to spend off your parents all the time.

I understand dropping off even a coin into the container is hard, so here’s a few tips I use to fill that always seemingly empty piggy bank.

Find a Safekeeper

Image: Tropical Mum via Google Images

Admit it. The photograph above is plain adorable.

And that is what you should aim for.

First and foremost, a piggy bank practically acts as a safeguard for your monetary treasure. It holds your cash day and night, shelters the money and constantly waits to be filled…or emptied.

Who else would be so loyal, especially when it comes to money?

It may seem a trivial thing, but choose your little friend wisely. After all, you would have to come back to him (or if you prefer, her) every day.

It does not necessary have to take after the form of a ‘pig’. It could be anything you want. Heck, personalise it.

Show that it’s yours!

Tip: Sometimes, a creative coin container could be useful to hide your little trinkets.

Be Ambitious

Image: photos-public-domain via Google Images

Ambition. Seems scary, doesn’t it?

What I mean is: draw up a plan.

Keeping your piggy banks full isn’t just a matter of dropping off a coin now and then. I like to think of that bank to be a companion, no matter how silly it may seem.

Here are a few questions you may wish to consider:

  • Am I saving up for something? If so, how much do I need, and how long do I have?
  • Is there a goal I’d like to follow?
  • How much is too little? …and how much is too much?

You should always be aware of what you’d like to achieve. Have a direction. If you hope to save up to $100 a month, consider how much you earn/receive in a month.

Here’s how I do it:

If I receive $7 a day for 5 days straight, and there are 4 sets of 5 days each, I would receive a total of $140.  I would spend at least $2 a day, which means I’d be left with $100.

So my goal is to save $5 a day.

Drawing up a check list could be helpful too. A missing tick would mean you have neglected your little companion (piggy bank)!

Tip: This may not work for all you readers. If the commitment is too heavy, go spontaneous.

Feed your Safeguard

Image: mylifestylezen via Google Images

I don’t have to say how important this point is. Feed your friends!

If it helps, settle your companion somewhere you’d have no choice but to look at. It may send a little sting through your heart (goodness knows what people associate their piggy banks with) but if you have a goal, see it through (in this case, a very long time).

Even a 10 cent coin would suffice.

Surviving Outside when on Money Diet

Image: comparehero via Google Images

One of the things I do is to store the money with my friend, Mia (yes, I named her), before I walk out the door.

Unfortunately, I am one of those whom just get those maddening urges to buy anything whenever I have the chance. But I can’t do that. I refuse to.

To make it easier for myself, I feed Mia and then go about my business. This way, it takes away my capacity to spend too much.

Tip: Always ensure you have at least $10 in your wallet in case of an emergency! To remind yourself not to use it, keep it behind your Ez-link card or somewhere you don’t normally keep your money in.

Two is Better than One

Image: Furf Design via Roger Allen via Google Images

A good way to keep the money rolling in is to have two banks.

Each should have their own purpose. Here’s how I do it:

  • Bank 1 (Mia) – This is where I keep 2/3 of my savings. What goes in can come out for birthday presents or things I need.
  • Bank 2 (Lia) – The rest of the savings feed Lia. What goes in stays in unless in emergency.

No matter how much you use your savings, keep your hands away from your second bank. This way, you know you would always have a back-up in case a dire situation comes up.

Tip: Plan how much goes into which bank. This way, it gives you a brief idea which is more important to save for the long-term.

Safeguard your Safekeeper

Image: kenteegardin / / CC BY-SA via Google Images

I shouldn’t have to say this (right?) but protect your piggy bank!

Need I say more?

Whoa. That was one long post.

Alright, my lovely readers. That’s all for today.

For all those who have made it ‘till here, here’s an extra gift for you: ^^

Heh. Okay. The night is yet young and I seem to have lost it a little (blame it on sitting before the laptop screen for hours).

No matter. I hope the tips were helpful and don’t forget not to let your piggy banks starve!

Your companions are always on guard.

Are you?

Signing off,
Idayu 🙂


  1. Yeah, not the thriftiest of the lot here so I kind of needed that.

  2. Now all i need is the motivation to do so.

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  4. HECK! It’s true! I spend so much money on food that sometimes it’s just so hard to save. My money always seems to be running dry ever since I went to poly and food prices everywhere have started to rise. I USED to spend like $10 to get ingredients for a good home cooked meal and now it has risen to like $20+ ! This is a really good way to save money. After all, who would safe guard your money better than a piggy bank as a friend? 😀 *thank you for the tips ^^*

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