Students: our attention not free-of-charge


Yes, exactly what the headline said.

Our attention – yes, I am a fellow student a well – is not free-of-charge.

But face it. We are youngsters. Youths. Heck, kids (for those who shudder at this word, wait until you reach my age. You’d be longing to be called a kid).

Our attention span is shortlisted to games, friends or interesting stuff.

Yet…as a student and once-tutor, I feel obligated to ease that burden on teachers out there (good luck, by the way).

Here, my fellow partners (students, I mean), here’s how to pay attention in class.


To pay attention in class, we at times must resort to that which we are told not to do: doodle.

However, do note when I say doodle, I mean doodle effectively (goodness, ‘doodle effectively’. That is so weird).


  1. You just received a Mathematics problem:

You leave the house at 10:40 and head to school. On the way, you pass by the traffic light at 10:52 and reach the bus stop at 11:12. Fortunately, you the bus arrives on time and you reach school just 3 minutes before noon. Find (a) the duration of the bus ride and (b) the entire journey.

Instead of frowning (or pouting, whichever suits you), tackle that question by drawing out the problem (see diagram above). It takes time, but it may be the reason you stay focused on the question.

2. Have a friend

Image: AinRiz via Google Images

No, not those friends whom you just can’t help but talk to. Honestly, you.

As you sit in class, with your eyes sporadically closing, do what I do.

  1. Tap your friend (ensure the teacher doesn’t notice!)
  2. Appeal (or just order, really. What choice do they have?) to them to pinch you (or tickle. That always works. But if you can’t control your laughter, don’t.)
  3. Remind them to keep doing us if you are in imminent danger of falling flat on your desk.

Not so hard, right?

Well, maybe not. I’d like to just share this little titbit of my…school mishaps. 😉 I once did the above and was reprimanded by my English teacher.

She went: “What do you think you’re doing?!”

I went on to explain.

And…she accepted it.

…or not.

3. Redbull gives you wings

Image: hdwallpapersin via Google Images

I won’t lie to you. I’m addicted.

As someone who has been consuming Red Bull (I really love the one with the yellow can) since I turned the tender age of 9 (or younger), I can absolutely assure you that it works.

If you know you are tired and there is an upcoming test/class, Red Bull is the solution to keeping you so wide awake, you’d need something to focus on.

Or if you want the traditional way, coffee.

4. Catch some beauty sleep

Image: stateschronicle via Google Images

Ah, the whimsical wherefores of a teenager.

Even I am staying up late to finish up this post – only for you, my dears – but a good night’s sleep does do wonders to keep you up in class.

No matter how dreary the lesson is, lack of sleep will only make it worse.

So tuck your phones away, and hit the sack!


Now, my fellow readers, remember that you are always paying attention. But what are you focusing on?

Sadly, education is truly important and holds great bearing on our future paths.

So do YOURSELF a favour, and strive to focus. Your attention may not be free-of-charge, but strive to pay that attention to what matters.

Being kind to yourself could mean being kind to others as well. 🙂

Finally, signing off.

Your favourite blog writer, with love,

One comment

  1. Interesting read! I do agree that we do lack the attention span that teachers prefer we have. HECK! I don’t pay attention much at all when a teacher is talking. In actual fact, I’m the type that NEEDS to do something in order to pay attention to something. I cannot just stay still and stare like a puppet. I love your advice as they are practical and I can relate to it. I hope the day comes when teachers finally get that we are paying attention to them, but just in a more creative way.

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