Procrastination: Shape Up or Ship Out


As human beings, most of us often procrastinate from doing work. Even when we have to hand in an important assignment the next day, we still make time to watch a couple of YouTube videos and maybe tweet a bit before doing so.

This means we end up rushing through tasks and the result is inevitably unsatisfying and we know we could have done better.This post will hopefully help one procrastinate a little less so don’t put off reading this, now!

Move to a less distracting environment

If you are doing your work in a place that you feel too comfortable in…. move away!

Image: lifehacker via Google

The environment that you work in affects your productivity. If you feel like you could fall asleep at any time, you are probably not in the best space to do your work.

Move to a place that you know holds no distractions for you and that should help you become more productive.

It is important to have a decent level of comfort. As they say, only when the body is at peace can the mind be free to concentrate.

Just try not to not do work within reaching distance of your fridge or your soft, comfy bed.

Create a schedule

With a schedule, you will be able to divide your time equally for both work and play. A schedule will be able to ensure that you do finish whatever assignments that needs to be finished before you move on to less important activities.

A schedule is also useful for reminders and creates a sense of discipline for yourself.

Remove distractions

Image: Alamy via Telegraph via Google

Things like your cell phones, novels, games and all those that cause distraction when doing work should be put aside. You know you can’t resist answering texts so don’t allow yourself to be tempted.

Immerse yourself completely in your work in order to do your best.

Get a friend to work with you

Sometimes, having a friend there with you when you do work could be an added distraction.

Image: academicsuccesscoaches via Google

However, if you pick the correct friend to work with, they could be a valuable source of help. Tell your friend that you need to get work done ASAP (so they know not to mess around) and that he/she should either make sure you stay on track or help encourage you if you hit any bumps in the road.

This is a good way to get you work done.

Focus on your end goal

If you keep thinking of the assignment as just something else you have to do, you probably won’t be able to be motivated to actually do it.

So by making it a goal, you give yourself that reason to complete it. It will help you to finish the assignment quickly without procrastination. And like with all goals, the best motivation is the reward at the end.

For example, tell yourself that only by achieving the completion of this assignment then will you be able to finally get to the book you’ve been dying to read. When you get to curl up on the sofa with the book in hand and read for hours, finishing that assignment will seem the most worthwhile thing you’ve done.

It won’t hurt that you’ve done it to a standard you can be proud of, instead of handing in work that you don’t even feel like claiming as yours.

So these are the few ways that you can try and follow if you want to prevent procrastination and finish that mountain of assignments. I hope this post will be of use to you guys. ^^

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