Is She PMS-ing?


Picture this scenario; you finally finish school and you’re going to meet the love of your life. But just as you step up to her, she turns around and says “Why are you late again? Do you even care about me? I’m tired of your s***!” and walks away. You’re left standing there, wondering what you did wrong.


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Guys, I’m sure you’ve heard this term many times before – PMS-ing.  Many of you who have had girlfriends, or are in a relationship, probably go through this once every month. We the LemonSqueeziy, are going to teach you how to recognise it, and the fastest ways to deal with it.


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She’s PMS-ing if she…

1)      Flares up for no reason

2)      Sits in the corner curled up and hisses at you if you try to come near her (Yes some of us do this. Well, at least I do)

3)      Eats A LOT of comfort/junk food because she has cravings like crazy

4)      Is an emotional mess (especially if she doesn’t even know why she’s crying)

Yes, the above are typical signs of PMS-ing. The reason why girls act like this is because of internal turmoil. Imagine feeling perplexed because you don’t know why you feel angry, frustrated and moody. Since we LemonSqueeziy are all girls, we know how irritating we can be sometimes due to our mood swings and inexplicable actions. So here are some ways you can cope with our insanity.

1) The Silence

If you sense your girlfriend radiating a death aura, its best if you don’t say anything. Sit far away from her and at all costs, DO NOT ANNOY her. You should not speak, move or even breathe, like you’re in the presence of a ravenous lioness. Make one wrong move and you’re lunch.


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2) The Sweet Heart


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When your girl is feeling emotionally exhausted, the easiest way to get to her heart is to get her all her cravings (you’re welcome, ladies). Example, chocolate, candy and ice cream with the works! Of course, DO NOT tease her about how fat she is going to become, even if you mean it as a joke or are genuinely concerned for her health. Please proceed if you wish to die an early death. (Only joking hehe).

3) The “Is it that time of the month?” question.


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No. No matter what, even if it is true, NEVER ask this question. The poor girl is having a hormonal war inside her and you saying that is like dropping an atomic bomb in the middle of that war. We know you guys don’t mean to sound rude, but that statement itself is universally frustrating to any woman’s ears. It will make her want to break your nose… multiple times…with a sledgehammer.

4) The Listener


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The simplest thing to do is to just listen. If she likes/wants to rant about a person or a problem she’s going through, just agree with her even if you don’t (Honestly, honesty is not the best policy at this moment!). If she is a blubbering mess, just hold her tight and let her cry into your shoulder. If she is a seething demon, wait till she’s done seething, and tell her you love her. :3

These are 4 of the simplest or fastest ways for you guys to appease your PMS-ing girlfriends. However, keep in mind that this is only the calm before the storm. If you can’t deal with the ‘calm’, you sure can’t deal with the storm. 😉

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Yours truly,

The Lemon Squeeziy

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