Pledge: To support a bully free world


Bullying is an issue commonly faced by many people around the world and those that are often affected are children. Statistics shows that 94.7% out of 4000 students in Singapore aged 7 to 16 years old have experienced bullying at least once in their life.

Those that are bullied often have to deal with it themselves. Take it from those that have overcome it. We  are often too scared to tell anyone or ask for help because we do not want to get into more trouble with their bullies.  So here are a few ways on how you can help your friends ease their burden from being bullied.

1. Talk to the person

If you know that someone is being bullied, go up and talk to them. They might not often tell you everything, but at least you would know the situation that they are in right now. When talking to the person do remember that the topic might be sensitive so do approach it the right way.


2. Do not hang out with those that are bullying them

By hanging out with those they are bullying them; they will think that you approve of their bullying ways. By staying away, it shows that you do not agree with that they are doing and that it is not right.

 3. Show them that you care

When being bullied, they often lose their confidence. As a friend, you can help them gain it back by including them in the things you do. Show and tell them the good qualities that they possess.  This small gestures show them that you care.

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4. Stick up for them

Do not just ignore them. It is more helpful if you say something. Make sure when you are sticking up for the person, do not make the situation worst for him/her and most of all do not put yourself in danger.

5. Speak to someone

If all else fails, letting someone else know about the situation is can help to solve the problem. Talking to a teacher, counsellor or another adult could be very helpful. Together with their help, the bullying could even come to an end.

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Now that you are equipped with the knowledge do visit the “Bully-Free Campaign” and make a pledge with them to support bully-free living and stop the act of harm to others.

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