Help a stressed person, before it’s too late



A survey was conducted on world’s happiness, and Singapore, not surprisingly, came in last. Being the most unhappy country in the world! *claps* We gotta have a trophy for that, don’t we?

What’s new… when not only the prices in Singapore keep going up, but also the number of suicide rates each year.

Having a significant increase from 361 suicide cases in the year 2011, to a total of 467 last year.


According the Samaritans of Singapore (SOS), the most significant increase came from youths, mostly from age group 20 to 29.

Some common problems Singaporean youths face nowadays include unemployment, stress over studies or work, financial worries, family life, struggles with social interaction and feelings of loneliness.

When asked on methods to relieve stress, some suggested, eating chocolates, reading a book, sleeping their worries away, watch something funny, go to the gym and other harmless ways to distract themselves from the stress.

For me, whenever I feel stressed, I eat Macdonald’s. I remember eating Macdonald’s for 3 days straight to de-stressify myself. Those french fries… I can dive right in it…

But, unfortunately, not everyone turn to such simple methods to get away from stress. Some of my friends suggested methods that made me worry for them.

“People who self mutilate report that they do this behavior to escape from emotional pain, release anger, slow racing thoughts, or to have a sense of control”


“In cases of very severe self mutilation, people have died from their injuries.

A person who has never done self mutilation, like me, will never understand how this method is able to relieve stress,
Because all I can think of is how painful it will be to hurt myself.
Which made me realize that people who do this, suffer greatly from internal pain in order to overcome the thought of physical pain.

Abusing & Bullying
Bullying the weaker ones is another method to relieve stress because it helps them take out their frustrations on others.


I have a good number of friends telling me that they smoke to relieve stress.


Makes you high, makes you spin, makes you forget who you kissed last night in the club.
People turn to alcohol to have a short getaway because it makes them forget everything, turning them into the happiest people for the night.


Here is another story of a depressed youth who presses her face in her pillow, making herself light-headed, in order to relieve stress: Some stressed youth seek dangerous outlet

Stress is not easy.

Such harmful methods will cause permanent damage, physically and mentally. It sticks with them throughout their lives.

The last resolution to put an end to all that stress would be to commit suicide.
Don’t let them go there and stop them before it is too late. Warning Signs

Here is what you can do! 


Call Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) 1800 – 221 – 4444

Or email them at

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