Just Broke Up? Get over it fast


Just got dumped by your girlfriend or the other way around?

Trying your best to move on but she seems to be appearing everywhere?

Armed with advice from some of our guy friends, we the LemonSqueeziy, present you 5 tips to get over your ex-girlfriend.

1. Don’t think about her!

Stop thinking that your ex was perfect and everything for you. We bet you she was NOT EVEN CLOSE to being the perfect girl for you. Our suggestion is – make a list of things she does to annoy you. You will definitely start to pull away from her.

2. Don’t contact her

After breaking up, refrain from remaining friends. Reason being, maintaining a purely platonic friendship may not be as easy as it seems. Thus, making a clean break is a win-win situation for both of you.

3. Work those muscles!

Now that you do not have to spend every waking moment with her, you are free to spend your time the way you want to. Our suggestion is… to work out. Working out not only helps to distract you from thinking about her, but also prepares you for your future girlfriend. *wink wink* Plus, a gym is the best place to find (hot & sexy) girls.

4. Avoid her hang-out places

After a break up, try to avoid places your ex frequents, either with you or your friends. You do not want to bump into your ex, especially if she is with a mutual friend and end up having to make small talk. We know this takes sacrifice, but… no pain no gain right?

5. Be Free

Now that you’re free of that label “Boyfriend”, BE FREE. Don’t let your mind linger on insignificant stuff. Hang out with your friends, family or meet new people. Basically, just maximise your freedom and do things you missed out on doing since you got a girlfriend.

When the time is right, another girl will definitely enter your life. Before that happens, just live your life to the fullest! After all, like the saying goes, “What will be, will be”.

That’s it for now.

We hope these 5 tips are useful in helping you to move on with your life after being in a relationship. Here’s wishing you single guys (for now) all the best!

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Yours truly,
The Lemon Squeeziy

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