Come be a LemonSqueeziy!


Time. Our greatest enemy.

This is especially so to all you Squeeziys who are students out there.

You can’t get that shut eye you so desperately want, and you want to avoid doing the work but you have to meet the project deadlines. With this hectic life you lead, how can you get things done?!

As such, we, the LemonSqueeziys, have taken an oath to discover and share any way to complete even the most menial of tasks while doing as little as possible.

Let’s face it, too much work is so passé.

So why Shortcuts?

Why, you ask?

Think about it this way. You want to go shopping but those wrinkles are making those rather fine lines on your forehead.. Is is due to that examination just round the corner? Oh, maybe not. Perhaps it is the consequence of putting off your assignments.

It’s okay. The LemonSqueeziys understand. We’re here to lift your burden.

From fashion to lifestyle advice, we cover all aspects of doing things the easy way in life that you need.

What can you expect?

Our Blog will never die!

  • Be involved with our weekly Challenges (more on that soon!) and our upcoming teaser. You will never be bored here at LemonSqueeziy. Videos, pictures. We have it all!
  • Every Saturday/Sunday, we will put up a little teaser to prepare you for what you can expect for the upcoming week.
  • Be sure to stay updated with our Blog! For every blog post, we will put up a discussion post/hashtag on Facebook and Twitter.  We love to hear YOU. And yes, we will definitely interact with you because we’re all best pals! (Hey, i can hear you gagging at my lameness okay.)

We are the LemonSqueeziys.

Brace yourselves to be caught in a Squeeziy storm!

Subcribe. Like/Share. Tweet. You know the drill 😉

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