LemonSqueeziy has developed into a fully-functioning blog over the past 15 weeks, managed by 5 student bloggers who have gained much experience for writing for the web. One of our fans Jane decided to raise a very interesting question… so here’s our response! In the Podcast above, we mentioned the following points: Headline Structuring of […]

BY PRAVEENA RAVIN Hey everyone! This post is about 3 great concerts that are coming up! Now if you are a concert junkie like me, (not really, I’m forever broke so I don’t go to many) you guys should be stoked for Avril Lavigne, Bruno Mars and the Singapore Rock Festival featuring artists like Rob […]

BY NUR RAFHANAHDEWI  Out of the blue, someone “foreign” to our team came into our lives halting the smooth progress that is our blog. It was sudden but being the easy going people we are, we welcomed her in. Vivian, A consultant and a fellow blogger of (hungrycheapskates), that’s who she was. Like everyone with […]

BY PRAVEENA RAVIN For those of us in Poly or JC, we have a whole load of tasks to finish even after our stressful examinations. Projects just pile up and the deadlines approach rapidly, causing us to have a teenage midlife crisis (yes, kinda dramatic but I’m sure you feel that way too). So what can […]

BY OLIVIA MARIE CHEONG YEE YAN & PRAVEENA RAVIN A rising trend of Singaporeans studying abroad. Tanya Dharmapala shares tips and stories on adapting to life in Australia compared to living in Singapore. Have you ever dreamed of going overseas to study, pursue your dreams and establish a career? Many Singaporean teens feel that an […]

BY SYAFIQAH IDAYU BINTI ROSLI “I’m just the average student in the average school. I score average marks, for the average paper. I’m that student, don’t you see? Someone has to be that student.” Are you that student?” All too often do I see students – no, people – who draw back, yanks themselves back […]

BY OLIVIA MARIE CHEONG YEE YAN Do you find yourself saying this too often? You probably say it in school, at work, to friends and at home. Don’t worry about it! Everyone forgets to bring or do something at any point of their lives. It is perfectly alright to forget occasionally, once or twice. However, […]

BY LEMONSQUEEZIY It is not the first time Singaporeans are labelled as inconsiderate. From issues in public transportation to queuing up for food, incidents regarding such self-centred people tend to happen. One recent scenario that happened in Singapore, was when a lady hogged up a car park for AN HOUR when she had some problems […]

BY SYAFIQAH IDAYU BINTI ROSLI “I am a student who has somewhat decently passed my O-Level Examination with an L1R4 of 16, 14 with CCA points. I am a student who could have a much higher score in GPA if only I had bothered to pull my head out of the clouds and focus. I […]

BY NUR RAFHANAHDEWI RUSLAN Do you feel that your parents just don’t care about you and that you can’t communicate with them due to differences in opinions? Do you often quarrel with your siblings? Feel that there is a lack of bond between family members?  Fret not. I offer you solutions to these problems with […]